Update #06 - Testing Update


Hi Backers,

With the scorching heat waves we’ve been having, some rain would be nice to cool off with and Cypress Umbrellas will be there for you when it does come! Our team has been working around the clock to complete all of our initial validation testing and now we want to share the results with you. We also compiled some footage to show you the umbrella in action. So without further ado…


Cypress Umbrella

In our last update, we showed you lots of pictures of the latest prototype. Here are some quick GIFs of the umbrella in operation.

Umbrella Opening/Closing

Umbrella Opening/Closing

Umbrella Opening and Suspension in Action

Umbrella Opening and Suspension in Action


Testing Progress

Over the past 4 weeks, we have put our latest umbrella prototype through strenuous wind testing to validate our build quality. Here’s some pictures of our testing set-up to ensure the Cypress Umbrella outperforms all competitor products.

Wind Testing Set-Up

Wind Testing Set-Up

Using this set-up, we’ve calibrated our blower testers to maximize the wind impact on our latest prototype. With this test set-up, we were able to reach up to 52 MPH wind speeds per blower.

Throughout our testing, we used a variation of 1 blower and 2 blower scenarios. Comparing the Cypress Umbrella with 6 different well known competitor products, we were able to exceed performance expectations with respect to flipping inside out. With 1 blower point loads, both the Steel and Carbon versions were able to withstand and divert all wind impact without flipping inside out while equipped with our suspension technology. With 2 blower testing, we still outlasted all competitor products raising the threshold of what’s needed to flip the umbrella inside out.

Comparison of Umbrella Testing Results

Comparison of Umbrella Testing Results

To put this into perspective, Vancouver, BC averages about 8 MPH with a max recorded speed of 43 MPH in the past 5 years. Even the Windy City of Chicago, IL has an average wind speed of about 10 MPH with a max recorded of speed of 45 MPH during the past 5 years. The Cypress Umbrella's ability to sustain 50+ MPH winds will protect you even in the worst conditions possible.


Here’s some footage of the latest Cypress Umbrella in action!



Issues Found

With our testing, even though we’ve been able to withstand our wind endurance goals, we discovered several issues. Firstly, our stem showed vulnerability at the connection points causing them to be fairly loose at the end of testing. While it was it able survive structurally compared to other competitors that simply broke, we want to strengthen these connections for better durability.

Loose Stem Connections

Loose Stem Connections


We’re currently working closely with our supplier to improve these connection joints and building upon what is already a very strong stem.

Another issue of concern is the weight. Our Carbon version weighed in at roughly 270 grams but our Steel model is roughly 440 grams. The Steel version is a slightly heavier than our initial advertised weight. We’ll be looking to put our Steel model through a small diet and refining our rib geometry now that they have been proven to perform under extreme wind conditions.  


Production Update

With the issues surrounding the stem, we’ll be unable to start tooling until this has been resolved. Since all the core components are assembled on the stem, even small changes to the stem will affect the top tub, slider and handle geometry. We expect the stem issues to be resolved over the course of the next 3 weeks as we are working very closely with our supplier to improve upon the connection design.

This will push the tooling start date to mid-late September. Production should be able to start closer to late October/ early November with deliveries by late November/ early December.


What’s Next?

Short Term Goals for upcoming 4 weeks

  • Improve stem connections and rigidity
  • Reduce umbrella weight
  • Give green-light to all suppliers for tooling and production runs
  • Design and construct assembly tooling

Long Term Goals

  • Assemble, package and deliver umbrellas to all of our amazing backers!


If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate and send us a private message. We aim to respond within 2-3 days.

Thanks again for all of your continued support! We are looking forward to delivering the Last Umbrella you will ever buy



Team Hedgehog