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Telescopic Architecture - The Cypress features an industry first: a fully telescopic frame architecture which combines a traditional collapsible stem with an innovative telescopic rib design. Rather than a standard skeleton with U-shaped channels and hinged linkages, each rib is comprised of tubular sections coupled with precision machined joints and stainless steel pins. Once opened, the telescopic design enforces a rigid structure 10 times stronger than traditional counterparts.

Independent Suspension System - The Cypress Umbrella features an automotive-inspired suspension system to combat against chaotic winds. Similar to how the shocks on your car work to provide an overall smoother ride, each rib within the Cypress Umbrella's architecture is designed to pivot and adjust independently. These independent movements allow the Cypress Umbrella to handle sudden shifts in airflow about the canvas, making it more aerodynamically stable. 


Interchangeable Canvas - Quick snap connections along the ribs enable a limitless selection of canvas colours and patterns. 


In under 3 minutes, the Cypress Umbrella's canvas can transform to accommodate any mood, dress or perspective of the day.

Embedded Enclosure - To ensure the umbrella can be easily stored without getting your belongings wet, concealed within the handle is a deployable enclosure. The Cypress Umbrella's expanding sleeve promises drip-free protection and is guaranteed to never go missing.